Monitor Stopped Working After MacOS Update

External Monitor Stopped Working on OSX

Yes – all hail Apple… until you’re stopped dead in your tracks after an OS update that left you monitorless. (Of course, that’s a word!)

After reading Apple discussion forums and lot’s of Stackoverflow, the whole SMC reset routine did the trick.

How to Reset the SMC

MC-What?? So the SMC is something that controls of a whole bunch of important stuff – anyways, to reset it:

Ya power down your computer (leave it plugged in), then hold down these keys:


Hold it down until something happens… or let go if nothing happens. On my Macbook 2016- I got the power meter to pop up on the screen. Other reported flashing lights on the power cord.

Startup the computer, then plugin the monitor and cross your fingers 😉


Sonoma Bike Winery Route

We ended up just hitting Sebastiani and Ravenswood with the kids, which took us about 3.5 hours roundtrip going at a snails pace, but I would think you could easily hit a couple more if you had the stamina 😉 Most of the trip was very safe and comfortable for kids. Once you get of the bike path and back onto the roads, we encountered very few cars. There were plenty of other casual cyclists doing the same thing.

Above, I’ve noted a few more that seemed doable from the map view. The longer horizontal trail I included in the official Sonoma Bike Path that starts at a huge park and ends at Sebastiani. Is didn’t seem to connect a rider to many wineries, but offers a nice connection from the Square to the park for a peaceful ride.

Spoonrocket Korean Style BBQ Chicken Mixed Plate with Brown Rice

Review of Spoonrocket Korean Plate

Here’s what they advertise (above):

“Korean style mixed plate with BBQ chicken, pork pot stickers, brown rice and broccoli. (contains wheat, egg, soy, sesame oil) (~800 cal)”

And here’s what you get (below):

Spoonrocket Korean Mix Plate

Presentation of the Korean Style BBQ Chicken Mixed Plate with Brown Rice

Score 6/10 – The protein and veggies lay atop a bed of brown rice. The chicken is cooked nicely offering a light layer of charred edges, finished off with a drizzle of sauce and sesame seeds sprinkles. The sauce tucked away nicely, soaking mainly into a portion of the bed of rice. The dumplings arrived upside-down, and didn’t have any inviting color (but some dumplings don’t have much color).

Flavor of the Korean Style BBQ Chicken Mixed Plate with Brown Rice

Score 7/10 – The first thing you’ll notice is that the BBQ chicken is marinated thoroughly, cause it to be tasty, yet very salty. The plain brown rice helps to even out the palate after biting into the chicken. The broccoli is also cooked well, and surprisingly still some fresh color, even after sitting in a box for a period of time. The dumplings are underseasoned compared to the chicken, but it also works to even out the saltiness, as with the rice. The filling is a bit mushy for my taste, but the wrapper has good texture. I initially felt like I was missing a dipping sauce, but in the end, didn’t need it.

Order the Korean Style BBQ Chicken Mixed Plate with Brown Rice Again?

YES – This is a solid dish that I have already ordered about a dozen times.

Cocktail Technology and Robot Bartenders

Project Gutenberg

It doesn’t exactly mix up your drinks, but it is taking baby steps in providing an automated way to check inventory and automatically restock inventory. The recyclable alcohol dispensers, shipped to your doorstep, provide a compact and elegant tabletop display. An iPad app displays the recipe, and all you have to do is dispense and mix.

The Barman Smart Cocktail Shaker

This device connects via BlueTooth to your phone to help guide pours to perfect amount… just in case you are too lazy to keep track of your jiggers.



This Kickstarter raised almost $200K and successfully shipped their Raspberry Pi-powered robot bartender over the summer of 2013.


Another DIY [Arduino-powered] robot bartender project raised $50K on Kickstarter and plans to ship summer of 2015.



Order your own robot bartender either unassembled or RTP (ready to pour) for about $1,450.

Smart Snowboard Bluetooth Technology

CES 2015 brings new displays, mobile technology, and…. hi tech snowboards 😉

Learn to snowboard or tweak your ability using a smart snowboards setup that consists of smart bindings with sensors, coupled with iOS and Android apps. CEREVO, the Japanese-based tech company has introduced the XON Snow-1, which collects data from four load sensors and two flex sensors to help riders visualize their sessions. For several hundred dollars, we’ll see how technology gives riders an edge.

Romantic Gifts for a Spy

So you’re dating Xenia Onatopp, or at least someone that resembles her mysterious ways. Why not exchange memorable gifts this season. If not memorable, we’ll start with plain memory.

2 GB USB necklace from Touch of Modern.


2 GB USB Cufflinks available at Touch of Modern